I slept late this morning, here at the in-laws house on the lake, and only caught the discussion at the end of George’s show with Cokie Roberts, Matt Dowd (who is older that I imagined), Tad Devine, and George Will.

It was hysterical to watch Tad Devine saying the President’s ads were in poor taste and George Stephy quoting anonymous (read: those not selected to help the President) Republican consultants expressing their disbelief that GWB would run an ad with 9/11 pictures in it. Cokie Roberts kept saying that the Democrats were the ones really on the defensive, the arguments against the commercials are dumb — who would expect the images not to play a role in the campaign. George Will was cheering Cokie on.

George Will also pointed out that in the 1944 Presidential campaign, FDR began and ended the campaign with speeches and images of Pearl Harbour. Point.