I had a trial this afternoon in the local magistrate court. Magistrate Courts are like what you see on TV with Judge Judy — at least around here they operate the same way.

The calendar call was at 2pm meaning that all the litigants needed to be present at that time.

The judge entered at 2:03pm to begin the calendar call. He called all the cases to see who was and was not present.

When he called the first case (not to try it, but to make sure the people were there and ready) the plaintiff was not in the courtroom. The defendant stood up and said that the plaintiff was present, but the plaintiff’s mother was in an oversized wheelchair and couldn’t get in the elevator. The judge dismissed the case.

Again the defendant said that the plaintiff was there, but the plaintiff’s mother couldn’t get into the courthouse and they were having to go through another entrance. The judge told the defendant that the case was dismissed against her, the defendant. So, the defendant leaves.

About two minutes later, 2:05 pm, the door opens and the man tries to roll his mother into the courtroom. The mother’s wheelchair won’t fit through the door, so the man proceeds to unlock the second door and the baliff headed that way to assist.

The judge waved his hand and said not to bother. The plaintiff had not been there right at 2pm and, therefore, the case was dismissed.

That sucks.

I probably shouldn’t say anything since I won my case.