Regular readers know I worship at the altar of Steve Jobs. I was born and raised on an Apple II and then moved on to the IIc, IIe, IIgs, and then the Mac.

Now I have my iMac, my old beige G3 tower, my iPod, the family Airport Extreme base station. Yeah, yeah, you Windows folks take a condescending attitude towards all things Apple. One of my coworkers admits his condescending attitude is because every Apple computer fan rubs in how much they love their computers that do all sorts of stuff yesterday his can’t do tomorrow.

Anyway, you should be advised that lots of Mac rumor sites are reporting that big news is imminent. There are two divergent rumors and some saying both are true. One is that Apple will introduce a “digital hub” that will be like a TiVo, but will wireless stream tv to a 14″ battery powered LCD screen, stream music to your stereo, and send iMovie/iDVD stuff to your TV.

The other rumor is that Apple will finally create the ultimate handheld communications device — a smart PDA combined with a smart cellphone.

Let’s face it — the PDA is not what it was cracked up to be. Palm is slowly dying. The cellpone/PDA combo (like my Treo 270) is somewhat cumbersome, the cellphone lacks much capability, the blackberry is too bulky, and everyone is tired of carrying around a blackberry, cellphone, and/or PDA at one time.

Supposedly Apple, like with the iPod, will put all other manufacturers to shame.

Remember, the iPod was not the first mp3 player on the scene, but now iPod is almost as synomymous with mp3 player as “coke” is with soft drink.