I’m going to vent.

I hate the use of the word “post,” e.g. “post modern,” “post rock,” “post feminist theory.”

I understand the Latin indicates that it comes “after” something (or before). The more I think about it though, I think “post” signifies bulls..t created by an artist or some other lefty that other lefties realize is drivelling pop culture nonsense. Because a lefty came up with it, they’ll treat it as legit. “Post” is their code word to spout the pop culture drivel with straight faces to others in an effort to confuse and distort actual truth without buying into it themselves (though all weakminded lefties do buy into “post”)

Using “post” theories is the first step the lefties use to round up and lock up the truth so they can throughly indoctrinate students on campuses with drivel. Then, when the students graduate they lack critical thinking skills and are not be able to mount a defense against rubbish. They can only quote Virginia Wolfe and nonsense about moral relativity.

“Post” hacks me off.

We should remember the words of the Great One.