Where have I been today?

Well, let’s look at my day for my own decompression benefit and that of my wife who is probably wondering where I am right now.

The hell mouth opened at 9:45 this morning when I appeared in Probate Court for a 10am hearing. After sitting there until 10:15, hearing the judge in his chambers talking heatedly (diplomatic speak for yelling) with a lawyer, the Clerk informed me that they had put the hearing down for 10:30, but had recently had their court calendar erased from the computer and had probably entered it back in wrong.

At 10:50, the Clerk finally conducted the hearing because the Judge was still yelling, er… speaking heatedly. I had to be in Superior Court for an arraignment at 11am. I called my secretary who called the judge’s secretary to say I’d be late.

I ran back to my office, swapped files, made it to Superior Court at 11:15 and the Judge, who is chronically slow because she deeply contemplates sentences before ruling from the bench, was well behind on her cases. At 11:30 my first case was called, but the District Attorney had stepped out thinking the thing would go even longer. So, we called up my next case, which actually got underway at 11:45.

The fifteen minute process of entering a plea and issuing a sentence took about 35 minutes. At 12:20 we were through with the first and went to the second case. At 1pm I headed back to my office.

I had to deal with several clients who have been calling for days unable to reach me because of other matters. At 1:30, I sent my running to file some paperwork for me in Bankruptcy court and then went across the street to grab a sandwich.

At 1:45 I was back in my office eating my lunch and working on an intergovernmental contract for a sewer development. At 2:15 I was called back to court to deal with one of the guys from this morning because some paperwork wasn’t processed properly and then immediately left there to go to City Hall to hold a client’s hand while he filled out a police report relating to my client’s attorney running off with $35,000.00 of my client’s money over Christmas, which was just recently discovered.

At 3:30 I returned to my office, got caught up on messages and email, and have now discovered that the filing in Bankrupcty Court was taken to Federal District Court, despite the damn thing saying in bold/all caps at the top “In The United States Bankruptcy Court.” I don’t know who to be mad at — the runner who should have paid attention or the Clerk who wasn’t doing her job in District Court.

Now, I sit at my desk recounting all of this for your entertainment, as I try to find a creative way to leave my office for the rest of the day so I don’t have to deal with anyone else.

By the way, based on the foregoing, I refuse to proof read this post. Deal with it.

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