Where Have You Been?


The email is flowing in. Me, the prolific blogger, is AWOL.

Well, I have had one hell of a day. I have a non-profit client that wants to educate the public on a voter initiative, which it can do legally, but is dangerously close to crossing the line to advocacy, which it can’t do.

I have been in yelling matches all day with the organization’s members and consultant. They throw things back in my face that I approved earlier and I have to explain why it is different from what they currently want to do.

And, I’ve got to be on TV at 6pm (WMAZ-13 in Macon) to discuss redistricting. The federal courts have thrown out Georgia’s current state legislative districts. I’ve been reading the case this morning and preparing my talking points.

To make matters worse, the State GOP wants me to use their talking points, which are pretty cheesy.

I’m worn out. Tonight, I shall blog to drown out the worries of the day.

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