The media is beginning it’s two week pile on John Kerry (Gigolo – MA). See the Los Angeles Times today:

Sen. John F. Kerry sent 28 letters in behalf of a San Diego defense contractor who pleaded guilty last week to illegally funneling campaign contributions to the Massachusetts senator and four other congressmen.

Members of Congress often write letters supporting constituent businesses and favored projects. But as the Democratic presidential front-runner, Kerry has promoted himself as a candidate who has never been beholden to campaign contributors and special interests.

Between 1996 and 1999, Kerry participated in a letter-writing campaign to free up federal funds for a guided missile system that defense contractor Parthasarathi “Bob” Majumder was trying to build for U.S. warplanes.

But why dump on the guy who can beat Bush? The answer is simple. The media likes John Edwards better. See here for example. Look at the media spin coming out of Wisconsin. It sounded like Edwards won.

The media has two bits of self-interest here. (1) The media wants a drawn out and interesting bloddy contest because it draws headlines and keeps reporters who otherwise are unknown for 3 years in the spotlight. (2) The media has no love of Kerry and only used him as an instrument to beat Dean (who they agree with, but don’t think can win) and Bush (who they really dislike). The media perfers John Edwards because he reminds them of Clinton, thinks like them, and is photogenic.

Now that it is a two man race between Kerry and Edwards, the media no longer has to hold back. They can destroy Kerry and get him out of the way before Super Tuesday for Edwards to sweep. I don’t know that it will work, though. So, at least Kerry, if he still wins, will be able to say all this stuff is “old news.”