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Let me begin by saying I am a Christian and Evangelical. Yeah, I’m one of those “born again” types. I think a biblical definition of marriage is a good thing — likewise with a biblical definition of adultery. What I have a problem with is when Christian legislators seize on their zeal for biblical mores in local laws and potentially destory an effort that would do so much good. See here:

Legislating morals can be as tricky as proposing tax cuts.

The danger is that another side will up the ante by suggesting even more tax breaks. That move prompts a counter, and a counter to the counter, until the whole package becomes unaffordable.

This is what could happen today when the full Senate takes up the proposed state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages.

Republicans have presented it as a measure to protect the sanctity of marriage.

We’re hearing that some deeply religious senators intend to propose making the bond between man and woman even more sacred — by inserting a strict, biblical definition of adultery into the Georgia Constitution.

We’re dreading the counteroffer. If this thing spirals out of control, we could see all the fun drained out of heterosexuality.

They realize that they could not get such a law passed on its own. But, what they are attempting to do will most likely sabotage any real effort to defend the sanctity of marriage.

Give it a rest people. Know when to compromise to advance your agenda. Nothing will happen with the all or nothing approach.

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