Waiting For The Riots


The Atlanta Journal looks at a potential serious situation in Columbus, Georgia, where Al Sharpton’s flame throwing could ignite a growing powder keg.

Earlier this week, state Rep. Tyrone Brooks dropped a bill that would require police in Georgia to note the race and gender of all drivers they stop.

The Atlanta Democrat has filed other bills aimed at putting an end to racial profiling. The most immediate predecessor currently is stalled somewhere in the bowels of the Legislature.

This newest version is different only in one important respect. It has the signatures of all three House members from Columbus: House Rules Chairman Calvin Smyre, House Appropriations Chairman Tom Buck and House Reapportionment Chairman Carolyn Fleming Hugley.

There’s a back-story here, with implications for the presidential primary now barreling down on Georgia.

On the night of Dec. 10, an SUV with four African-American occupants was stopped on I-185 in Muscogee County by sheriff’s deputies. As the occupants were being hustled out of their car, a submachine gun carried by one of the deputies — set on automatic — fired twice. Both shots struck Kenneth B. Walker, 39, in the head. He died shortly afterwards.

The article goes on to quote Al Shartpon saying, “We are watching this case. . . . and if the report is not right, we will be back.” That makes it appear minds, at least his mind, are made up and ready to riot if the police officers involved are not run out of town.

It’s a bad situation not helped by the likes of Al Sharpton and other professional race baiters.

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  • Why is it that in this article that it’s listed that the submachine gun fired twice. Correct me if I’m wrong but someone had to pull the trigger. Don’t make it seem as though it just happened for no reason. This man had to pull the trigger after aiming at Mr. Walker’s head.

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