The Sky Is Falling


On Robert Novak. He is increasingly pessimistic about the President.

In my quiet moments, I get worried on occassion. I think the White House has underestimated conservative angst over the budget.

But, a while back I posted a thought posed by someone who knew Bush in college. Bush is an excellent poker player. To swithc metaphors, he is like the snake that plays dead. The animals come up to start nibbling on him, they take little bites until they are convinced the snake is dead, they when they get ready to take a full bite, confidence built that the snake is dead, the snake rears up and injects lethal poison.

Back to poker. The President, I think, is letting the Democrats put all the chips on the table now. They’ve grown confident that the President can be beaten and the Republicans look worried. In a couple of weeks, Bush will unleash his $200 million war chest and win the game.

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