John Kerry gave the game away today:

Kerry, who has a commanding lead in the race to oppose Bush this fall, chided the president for taking time out Sunday to attend the Daytona 500, saying the country was bleeding jobs while he posed for a “photo opportunity.” Bush had donned a racing jacket to officially open NASCAR’s most prestigious event in front of some 180,000 fans.

“We don’t need a president who just says, `Gentlemen start your engines’,” Kerry said. “We need a president who says, `America, let’s start our economy and put people back to work.”

To interpret, “I’m running for President because the Senate does nothing. I’m bored and want to do something. The President has the ability to do something, but when you are one of 100, you can’t do sh-t.”

It’s sort of crass, really. He takes a pot shot at the President for attending the Daytona 500 while he is missing Senate votes to run around the nation blaming the President for everything he thinks is wrong with the country.

I guess someone really never did teach John Kerry that being a Senator means you can draft legislation to attempt to accomplish something. Judging by the legislation he crafted, or better yet, the lack thereof, it appears Kerry has no concept of what a Senator does and can’t do, let alone what a President can and can’t do.

I personally don’t want a President who believes he can create jobs. I want a President who understands it is the American people who create jobs AND that they do it best when government gets out of the way.