The Georgia General Assembly is moving towards affirming marriage:

The Senate Rules Committee listened Wednesday to 20 people testify during an impassioned two-hour debate on the proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages.

Then, the committee took just 30 seconds to vote 11-1 to send the resolution to the full Senate.

Gay activists said the amendment would legalize discrimination and would make it more difficult for couples to get benefits that traditional married couples enjoy, such as insurance, inheritance and the right to visit a partner in the hospital.

Supporters of Senate Resolution 595 said it protects children and clarifies what is biblically and socially the norm — that only men and women should be allowed to marry.

The one dissenting vote, Sen. Nadine Thomas (D-Decatur), said her colleagues already had decided and the hearing was just for show. “This was a waste of time,” Thomas said.

After representatives of religious groups spoke, she called them hypocrites. “From what I see here, this is nothing but a way to erode the constitution,” Thomas said. “And you come here and bring it in the name of God. This is discrimination, bottom line. A sinner I can take, but a hypocrite I can’t.”

Gee, that’s a catchy talking point Nadine. I guess you have forgotten your scripture, or you don’t take it to mean what it says.