Growing up, I lived in the Middle East. For some reason, every year we’d come to the U.S. for a visit to see my grandparents. Every year was perfectly, but unintentionally timed to the Oscars. I’d stay up late every year with my grandmother watching it.

When I went to college, she and I would talk on the phone every year during the Oscars. She never went to the movies except for when I was little, but we also loved movies. It was our thing (that and late night Bible stories).

Now, I still stay up way past my bedtime watching the Oscars. It’s tradition. My grandmother is in Heaven watching with me.

For four years this October I’ll have been married. Christy isn’t as into movies as I am. Right now, I am watching the final to slots, its 3 minutes to midnight, and she is in the kitchen cleaning, no doubt pondering the decreasing number of hours we have to sleep.

We’re going to have to work on some shared traditions.