Being a political junkie, I can hope against hope and dream against reality that Dean will still lock up the nomination. Heh. Todd Perdum has an analysis of where the candidates stand and what they have to do to beat Kerry. The answer is simply that they have too much to do to be able to do it. But, it is still possible, though not probable. Take a look:

For Dr. Dean, whose early effort to create an aura of invincibility collapsed so completely that he chose not to compete really in any of last night’s contests, the only hope is to exploit the continued unsettled state of the race and stand and fight in places like Wisconsin, on Feb. 17, or New York and California, on March 2.

Dr. Dean called himself the Energizer Bunny last night, but even the best batteries die without recharging.

“Having a muddled race for him for as long as possible is good for him, because he’s going to fight a World War I-style ground war of attrition,” said Douglas Sosnik, who was a top political aide to Bill Clinton. “He needs time, and he needs to rack up some delegate numbers.”