Byron York writes that Miranda resigned:

The senior aide to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist who resigned in the investigation of leaked Democratic Judiciary Committee strategy memos has filed a complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee.

In a letter delivered to the committee Friday morning, Manuel Miranda says he has read “documents evidencing public corruption by elected officials and staff of the United States Senate.”

Miranda says the evidence of wrongdoing is contained in previously undisclosed Democratic memos obtained by Republican staffers on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Fourteen of those memos were leaked to the press last November. Two sources familiar with the memos tell NRO there were dozens of additional memos — perhaps as many as 100 — that were downloaded by Republicans but never made public.

So, Democrats cross ethical lines and race bait,w hile writing about it, and possibly break laws, and Republicans off a staffer when the Democrats start whining that Republicans caught them in the act.

It is increasingly clear that Republicans didn’t break the law — they benefited from Democrat carelessness. But, the Republicans take the hit, willingly, so they don’t get portrayed as mean. When will they learn that it doesn’t matter, the media will always portray Republicans and mean, nasty, and corrupt.