Matt Labash reviews his outing to see “The Passion.” It’s quite humorous:

Attending what is perhaps the most violent non-snuff film ever made, it seems inappropriate to down a greasy tub of popcorn while watching our Lord and Savior get tortured for two hours. (When I voiced this concern, a colleague slipped me a “Bible Bar,” which contains “the seven foods of Deuteronomy,” such as figs and pomegranates.) When I buy a Diet Coke, the concessions girl tells me business is way down for the aforementioned reason. But it doesn’t bother Norm Linsky, happily munching popcorn in the lobby. “A movie without popcorn is not a movie,” Linsky says, unapologetically.

You really ought to read the whole thing. Norm, the Jewish Cardiologist, and Matt Labash both liked the film.

My favorite line from the article is this:

We watch His mother, of Hail Mary/lawn statue fame, become a flesh-and-blood mother, unable to help her helpless boy, who’s being tortured, as she’s tortured herself by the knowledge that He’s not helpless at all, that His death is by choice.

Will Matt go to hell for writing that or will I for findig it so funny?