Chuck has some thoughts on the subject:

The market should determine the effectiveness of any outsourcing solution that an employer may elect. If it makes the company more profitable and more successful, it works. If it does not, the company will change or die.

Outsourcing is a solution because it works. It allows companies to focus on core business while outsourcing firms with expertise in non-core areas handle them. A law firm administrator shouldn’t have to worry about toner in the copier or the mailroom employee who didn’t come in to work. That’s the key to outsourcing and that’s why it’s so wildly successful. Companies that don’t outsource for this reason will find out, in the marketplace. You don’t outsource your core and be successful. Let the market handle this conflict, not the government.

He knows what he is talking about because he participates in the outsourcing system. As he correctly points out, most oursourcing is outsourced to American companies inside the US anyway. (Hat tip to Instapundit)