Nobody Likes Him


That seems to be the wrap on Kerry. See this from the American Spectator on the guy who will probably lock up the nomination today:

“What you’re going to see is more and more stories about Kerry is just reviled by his fellow Democratic Senators and by others,” says a campaign staffer for Sen. John Edwards. “The man is genuinely disliked for just being a big phony.”

As an example, the staffer pointed to the veterans from Vietnam Kerry has surrounded himself with. “Almost to a one, these guys have said that they had reached out to Kerry over the years and never heard back from him. Suddenly he’s running for president and he’s all hot and heavy to use them to his advantage.”

I don’t know if Kerry will get all the delegates he needs today, but I am pretty sure that he’ll lock in future victories with his wins today.

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  • I’m a vietnam veteran and i would probably and i say probably vote for kerry to to get a change in the weather

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