All in all, not a bad cult to join. She has been going around the house obsessively cleaning. I am increasingly intolerant of clutter, but have my mother’s house keeping skills, which is to say not much. I’m increasingly becoming a fan of the modern/metropolitan look of clean lines and few knick-knacks. Having Christy cleaning out the mess is a blessing in many ways.

Anyway, I’ve not yet started to seriously worry about her. I still find the drying out the sink and wiping it down with windex — regularly — to be a bit odd.

But, there are definite results. We usually clean the whole house, it gets dirty again, and we (mainly she) clean(s) the whole place again.

Christy has decided to take it room by room. I’m just staying out of the way. Once she gets her mind focused, she’ll be up at 1am sorting socks and woe be unto the person or cat who comes between her and the cleaning.

So, to recap:
I have a wife who bakes when she is upset or angry.

She knits beautiful things.

She has started obsessively cleaning each room of the house.

In short, I have the perfect wife. Not just that she is perfect, she is HOT. I’d put up her picture, but she’s stalker level hot and I don’t want the competition. And, like all other women, she is convinced she is not hot.

Men, you do realize that if women realized they were hot, the cost of dating and marrying would go up tremendously.

Did I mention my wife is perfect and perfectly hot!