Maureen Dowd, Take Some Prozac


No doubt she and Paul Krugman are having homicidal thoughts over David Brook’s column today:

[T]hat cute little girl grew up to become a lieutenant colonel in China’s People’s Liberation Army, which is a very special army, even measured against the armies of other human rights-violating dictatorships. And what’s more, she had a $300,000 bank account with funds supplied by the head of Chinese intelligence, which is certainly quite special indeed.

And Liu came to America in search of her dream, for this is the nation of dreams. And she went to see a most special man named Johnny Chung. And in July 1996, according to Newsweek, Chung took Liu to see his special friend John Kerry about her dream, and Kerry recognized its specialness. So his aides faxed over a letter to the S.E.C. about the dream, and the very next day Liu and Chung had a private briefing with a senior S.E.C. official about making her special dream come true.

And then a few weeks after that, Johnny Chung threw a fund-raiser for John Kerry in Beverly Hills. And John Kerry came away with $10,000 in contributions, and I like to think they were very special contributions. I like to think they were written on special designer checks, maybe with rainbows or kittens or Chinese long-range missile designs shaded on the back, because special dreams deserve special checks, and when a man as special as John Kerry takes up an interest, I think that makes it a special interest all by itself.

Liu Chaoying’s interest was not the only interest John Kerry took a special interest in. . . .

Ouch. This one is going to sting.

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