John Fund looks at the issue of gay marriage and, at the end of his piece, seems to endorse privatization of marriage — a libertarian pipe dream:

The Wall Street Journal’s Paul Gigot likes to say that on the politics of gay rights, the loser will be whichever side raises the issue first.

For many years, Republicans came up losers because media outlets portrayed them as intolerant, as indeed many of them were. The score evened last year when a 4-3 majority of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court demanded the state recognize same-sex marriage. Republicans probably nudged a little ahead last week when San Francisco’s Mayor Gavin Newsom decided to throw away the rule of law and declare it was his duty to recognize marriages between gay couples, despite a 2000 voter initiative codifying the traditional definition of marriage. As courts refuse to issue injunctions to stop San Francisco from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, many Democrats are running scared. In the words of Peter Schrag, former editorial page editor of the liberal Sacramento Bee, they know Mr. Newsom has committed an act of “monumental political stupidity.”

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