If you’ve used both Apple’s iTunes Music Store and Napster, you know that the iTMS is far superior to Napster. It seems that is apparent to a lot of people.

“Napster is losing money, and top executives have left the company, including its president, chief financial officer, vice president of programming and head of corporate communications as well a key board member. On Wednesday, Roxio began laying off people at its Napster division. A Roxio spokeswoman said the company was ‘eliminating redundancies in the organization’ but declined to say how many people lost their jobs,” [Dawn C.] Chmielewski reports [in The Mercury News]. “Alex Luke, the long-time vice president of music programming, who left shortly after the service’s launch to join the rival Apple service.”

“And while Napster can legitimately claim it’s the second most popular online music service, information provided by insiders at two of the major music labels shows it sells only about a quarter the number of downloads from their artists as Apple’s market-leading iTunes store. Napster refused to release download figures… Napster has attracted about 90,000 subscribers in its first two months — ranking it fourth, behind RealNetworks’ Rhapsody service, America Online’s MusicNet and MusicMatch,” Chmielewski reports.