Is There Bias Here?


Look at this BBC story:

But in historical terms, this is quite mild stuff and there is a moderating influence these days in that the heavyweight US media are reluctant to get involved in what they see as private issues.

Both the New York Times and the Washington Post, for example, have written about whether President Bush actually carried out his duties as a pilot in the Texas Air National Guard in 1973.

That has public importance given that trust and national security issues are major campaign themes. John Kerry’s record as Senator and the support he has or has not received from lobby groups are also obviously fair game.

But neither paper has covered the John Kerry story which has engaged the attention of websites, radio and TV talk shows, some of the tabloid papers and elements of the foreign press.

The interesting thing is that the article highlights dirty tricks used in other Presidential campaigns, while saying that the Kerry “mistress” has Republican parents who hate Kerry, therefore the story has no traction.

Which dirty tricks campaigns are highlighted? That’s easy. Only dirtry tricks committed by Republicans (and Federalists) against Democrats. So, I guess only Republicans do dirty tricks.

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