I’m blogging away tonight and get IMed from a guy at a hotel in Iowa. It’s the first time I’ve had that happen, though I have IMed someone to test out iChat. I don’t have a webcam right now, but my iMac does have a built in microphone.

So, I start talking to this guy. (This isn’t a creepy weirdo story) He is in a hotel in Iowa. He works for an insurance company. His wife and kids stay home while he travels and he wants to be able to talk to and see his kids and vice versa. Nice guy.

There is a website called ichatfinder.com where you can put in a profile. I made sure to put in Christian/Republican/Conservative to limit the folks who’d be interested in talking. There are an awful lot of weird people out there.

The Apple experience is just so much more enjoyable. I don’t get blue screens of death, rarely does a program crash and, when it does, it starts right back up, everything is prettier, there are no viruses, I can plug up equipment and use it without restarting. Macs are cool.