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It’s off to Court I go. Yahoo.

Funny story. I’m in court yesterday. Before the hearing, the client (I’m required to represent indigent defendants for four years — I don’t like doing it) and I talk about his case. I tell him that based on the drug possession counts he is charged with, he is looking at several years in jail if and when he is found guilty.

He nods and asks me some questions. Then I tell him I’ve arraigned for him to have 5 years probation and 30 days in jail if he pleads guilty. He agrees. We review the terms of his probation. He signs the form.

I look at the signature, and I’ve been meeting with the wrong damn client. Opps.

Then, the thought dawns on me — the client I’ve been meeting with isn’t charged with drug possession. Shouldn’t that have tipped him off that I’m confused? If not, does that mean the client I”ve been dealing with is using/distributing? I sure think so.


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