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  • Associate Professor Adams assumes (making an ASS of U and ME) that the student was reprimanded merely for expressing his opinions on homosexuality. Now, this may have been case, but Mr. Adams does not see fit to provide us with adequate facts to make this determination. Instead of being inflamed with indignation, as is no doubt Mr. Adams’ intent, I am merely filled with questions that would have been answered by a well-written column.

    For example, what prompted the student to comment on homosexuality? Was the class about homosexuality? Was he invited to comment as part of a forum, or did he disrupt the class by spewing his un-asked-for opinion? Is this a First Amendment issue, or is this a behavior issue?

    Perhaps, since Mr. Adams seems to be inspired to be a journalist, he would be so kind as to provide as accurate an account as possible, based on eyewitness testimony and corroborated sources, so that we can judge the incident for ourselves. Otherwise all we have seems to be hearsay about some whining, probably justly chastised unruly student.

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