The New York Times has a report on this week’s activities in Haiti. I have a hard time having any concern over this — one of the last pieces of the Bush 41/Clinton foreign policy dominoes to fall. Read the whole thing here:

Anti-government rebels today attacked this city, the government’s last major stronghold in the north, commandeered the police station inside the city, witnesses said. They were also reported to be battling forces loyal to President Jean-Bertrand Aristide at the airport.

Smoke billowed from the Cap-Haitien airport, where a manager with Tropical Airways said rebels had commandeered a plane, The Associated Press reported.

In the disorder, armed civilians broke into a prison, where they freed about 200 prisoners, said a witness, Odril Jean, who lives across the street from the facility.

Mr. Jean said he had seen about 10 armed men raid the prison. The freed prisoners picked up shotguns and pistols that had been abandoned by fleeing police officers and ran through the streets brandishing the weapons.

As a violent rebellion has spread throughout Haiti in the past two weeks, Cap-Haitien, the country’s second-largest city, has remained in the hands of the government and its loyalists. But as the armed groups seeking to topple President Aristide have wrested control of a swath of territory from the coastal city of Gonives across the Central Plateau to the border with the Dominican Republic, they have vowed to bring their uprising to this city, as well.

We returned Aristide, an unrepentant Communist, to power and he promptly ran the country into the ground. I think we ought to let them fight it out. What the people get will probably be no worse than they already have. There is a good chance the people would be better off.

At this time I’ll add a caveat. As I have taken little interest in the subject, I don’t know who the rebels are. But, I do know Aristide should have be thrown out long ago.