Gearing Up For G8


The relics of the cold war, former useful idiots of the left, and other assorted communist sympathizers and anti-Americans are gearing up to protest the G8. The Macon Telegraph, our local paper, looks at the “Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition” meeting.

With two canes to steady his walk, Sam Marshall knows he’s not up for marching, but the 71-year-old Milledgeville man wants to help spread the word about the upcoming G-8 economic summit on Sea Island.

Marshall was one of about three dozen activists who met Saturday at the Rainbow Center in Macon to discuss plans for protests, peace walks and so-called solidarity actions.

“My primary interest is nuclear weapons and trying to encourage that we don’t vaporize ourselves,” Marshall said.

He first met others in the group during a nuclear weapons meeting at St. Marys in December. Now he plans to travel to the coast when leaders of the world’s major industrialized nations gather June 8-10.

Why do liberals also use the words peace and justice when, if they had their way, there would be no peace and no justice. The leftists of the world protest America and capitalism, but turn a blind eye to totalitarian communist regimes that torture and kill.

The fact of the matter is that the free market helps liberate. Countries that do not have a free market are usually the countries with the concentration camps and gulags that liberal refuse to admit exist, or refuse to admit exist to the extent they do.

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