I think this will be a must see movie:

The movie that couldn’t find a distributor a year ago is now poised to become this year’s first surprise hit.

Though not a single television ad has aired for “The Passion of the Christ” two weeks before its release, Mel Gibson’s depiction of the crucifixion of Jesus is eclipsing mainstream Hollywood fare in audience interest.

Fostered by wide media coverage and a grassroots marketing campaign aimed at evangelical Christians, “Passion” is registering numbers on recent surveys by Nielsen NRG that suggest an opening in the $15 million-$30 million range.

The figures top those for pics whose heavy TV campaigns are well under way, such as Adam Sandler laffer “50 First Dates,” which opens Friday, and Warner Bros.’ “Welcome to Mooseport,” which will opens Feb. 27, two days post-“Passion.”