I have a feeling I’m not the only blogger out there who got a certain email from a certain person with a Yahoo account directing me to this article. But, what the hell — it’s a potential fundraising scandal involving a Democrat, that is fodder for this blog.

Fox News has learned that one memo recounts how Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, now a presidential candidate, allegedly urged Leahy to delay a vote on one Bush nominee, supposedly because trial lawyers’ groups and the NAACP (search) would, if the vote occurred, curtail campaign spending for Democratic candidates in North Carolina.

Some see that as an illegal introduction of campaign financing into the judicial-nomination process.

An aide in Edwards’ Senate office said he has no knowledge of any such memo nor does it sound like something Edwards would request, in particular because the NAACP does not donate directly to political campaigns.

On Thursday, Hatch responded to conservatives’ criticism of his investigation into the breach.

“I initiated it simply because it was the right thing to do … because we need to ensure the sanctity of this committee,” he said. “I made it for the betterment of this institution, not for political purposes.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said he agreed.

“Somebody needs to be fired,” he said.

Uh-oh. What is it about Democrats and fundraising scandals. They cry foul about the Republicans taking money from “big business,” but they take money from the trial lawyers and NAACP and let those groups think for them.