I hate criminal law. I hate dealing with criminals. I hate representing indigent criminal defendants. I’ve never represented one who is really innocent. Most are poor, black, high school dropouts, who have been beaten down and think they are owed something. It is depressing and frustrating.

I am not one of those who believes that people are innocent until proven guilty. In big cases, like Kobe Bryant, yeah, I think the guy probably is innocent. But it these shop lifting cases and burglaries and drug cases I get, the clients usually admit to me that they’re guilty, but they don’t want to plead guilty. I don’t want to take them to trial because (1) it is a waste of time when they are so clearly guilty and the cops did everything by the book, (2) I don’t get paid much to do it, and (3) they are usually jerks who won’t cooperate with me and they make me mad. Usually the female clients are easier to deal with.

Today I represented a guy who has committed a felony almost every year from 1977 to 1995. From 1995 to 2000, he was out of trouble, but only because he was in jail.

I represented him today for a recent shop lifting incident. I knew his prior record. The judge did not. The DA was willing to cut him slack. I did my absolute best to represent him and got him a phenomenal deal — so good, he started to cry because he was so happy.

The guy should be in jail for a good long time. I want to throw up. It sickens me that I helped the guy. There are lawyers who like to do it and feel called to do it. I resent like hell that I am required to do it to practice in the county I’m in.