Thanks to Rob Stalder for pointing out that Club For Growth has sent money to Lynn Westmoreland.

Usually, I’m up on these things, but in the hell we call the last two weeks, I must have skipped this article that clearly mentions it.

CFG generally sends out emails and letters listing the candidates it has endorsed and I do not remember seeing anything on Lynn Westmoreland. I probably missed it.

Usually, a PAC sending money means they are endorsing the candidate. But, I had an experience two years ago where my candidate got money from a PAC and, when we said we were endorsed by them, they sent out a release saying we weren’t.

So, I don’t want to screw Westmoreland by saying CFG endorsed him without actually confirming for myself. A google search turns up that CFG gave money, but there is no mention of an endorsement through google or on Westmoreland’s site. As soon as it is confirmed one way or another, I’ll broadcast on this site.