Jonah, over at National Review, came up with an ad for the Bush re-election campaign a while back. With their ads going up soon, I wanted to preview mine. Some of you have been solicited for your thoughts and those of you who responded liked the idea. I’m working with a few friends to find a good 527 to do this with.

Here’s the script:

(Iraqi 20-something male standing in front of a plain backdrop)
Iraqi: My name is [insert name]. My family fled from Iraq when Saddam Hussein killed my [insert family members killed]. We have not been able to go back to our homeland.

(Show scenes of the mass graves and jails in Iraq with Iraqi’s voice over)
Iraqi: Saddam Hussein murdered and tortured and gassed men, women, and children. Many people fled. But now it is different.

(Show scene of Saddam statue coming down and American troops in Baghdad)
(Show Iraqi)
Iraqi: Now my family can return to our homeland. We can walk the streets of Baghdad. Our people are free. Thank you America. Thank you President Bush.

(Cue the “paid for” text)

If this idea works, we’ll get some from Afghanistan too.