Isn’t technology amazing:

Luke Chittock, a travel agent from Perth, Australia, is a hard-core aviation buff. He’s flown on the supersonic Concorde, taken a “joy flight” over Antarctica and hopped around the world in nearly 900 airplanes as part of his perpetual quest for what he calls “product awareness.”

The veteran traveler says his biggest thrill was being a passenger on Singapore Airlines Flight 19 when it landed at Changi Airport here Thursday, 18 hours and 15 minutes after leaving Los Angeles. The flight, covering 9,298 miles, shattered the world record for the longest nonstop commercial air service by more than two hours.

“This is the record-breaking flight,” Chittock said, as the airplane touched down and the cabin erupted in applause.

Boy, I use to think London to Houston was a long flight.

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