Arianna Huffington has opened her trap again to flood the world with more Greek drivelling drevil act.

Arianna Huffington says the idea that Howard Dean is not electable is “nothing short of idiotic.”

Huffington — the one-time Republican activist-turned left-wing commentator and California gubernatorial candidate — has now turned into a Dean devotee.

“Dean is electable precisely because he’s making a decisive break with the spinelessness and pussyfooting that have become the hallmark of the Democratic Party,” Huffington wrote this week in the regular column she posts on her Web site and that’s published in some newspapers.

“Far from Dean not being able to ‘compete’ with Bush on foreign policy, he’s the one viable Democrat who isn’t trying to compete on the playing field that Bush and Karl Rove have laid out.”

Huffington lambasted Democrats for comparing Dean to George McGovern, arguing a better comparison is to Robert Kennedy, who she said also was accused of being intemperate when he ran for president in 1968.

The Greek-born Brentwood resident got lots of attention but little support for her independent candidacy in California’s gubernatorial recall, and dropped out shortly before the October election.

Will this woman shut up?! Who asked her for her opinion anyway? The last time she said anything useful is when … well, I don’t know that she ever has said anything useful.

If I were Howard Dean, I’d be running away from her as fast as possible.