or the S&P 500. What am I talking about? See Professor Bainbridge.

I joined the National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC) when I was in college. The information I learned at the resources they provided were extremely helpful. All in all, though, the NAIC unintentionally taught me that I’d rather by the Diamond Trust or Spiders and just invest in the market as a whole.

I trust myself more than a mutual fund manager to find stocks of interest to me. Why? Same reason I think Dean’s internet run campaign is a bad idea. A mutual fund manager is surrounded by others of the same sort who speak the same language and have a tendency to run as a pack.

Here in middle America, there is a diversity of opinion with which to form my own views. And my overriding view is the same as Peter Lynch, buy what I know. Of course, I did that with Abercrombie & Fitch and made a nice little profit, but I had to sell when they went way too porno for me with their catalog — and gay porn at that.