Adam White has more on the pro-war Clark. I think he’s right.

[W]ho shows more respect for the U.S. soldier: the man who, after sending them in to war, celebrates the return of the soldiers on board the aircraft carrier, visits them in the heart of the battle zone for Thanksgiving dinner? Or the man who, after demanding that Congress sends them into battle, utterly renounces his support of the war?

I do think the most damning part of Clark’s speech — at least from the anti-war “neo-con conspiracy” crowd — is that Clark glowingly praised and repeated the words of Richard Perle, the so called “Jew in charge” of the neo-cons (okay, well, he supposedly is one of the ones in charge. Bill Kristol being another. Oh, and David Frum. Oh, and Cheney but he’s not Jewish, . . . )