Calblog asks a very interesting question. I’ll throw in my two cents.

John Derbyshire over at National Review noticed that people from Texas weren’t as horrified by the President’s proposal as those folks from California were. The speculation is that Texas has very few benefits to offer illegals, while California is loaded with them. Therefore, in Texas an immigrant, illegal or otherwise, has to really work to survive.

Contrast that with not just other regions, but also other immigrant groups. Most immigrant groups do not have the likes of La Raza and other institutions committed to immigration without assymilation or legalization. Also, I think the attitude is different.

An illegal immigrant from, say . . . Russia, has a history of totalitarianism that would have educated the immigrant into the ways and needs of being invisible. In a couple of generations, that will probably change.

On specifically the Mexican issue though, there is a flood of illegals who can go to California and get government subsidies in an effort to exist, send their children to public schools, get access to healthcare, and there is an established network of race baiters and others to protect them from the threat of deportation. They have no need to be quiet.

In Georgia, illegal immigrants try their best to blend in and work hard. I come into contact with illegal aliens through my law practice and I have yet to meet one who is living off the government. They keep to themselves, try to stay out of trouble, and work damn harder than any other group of people I know.