Marc Ambinder, who diligently responds to my emails to the Note, is featured in an article worth Noting today:

Marc Ambinder says he spent so many hours with Howard Dean that he knew a month in advance that the candidate would pass up federal funding and raise the campaign cash himself.

“You build enough trust with the candidate and his staff that they begin to act normally around you, even though you’re a member of the press,” the ABC News producer says.

Ambinder, 25, was until recently one of the campaign “embeds,” a term appropriated by MSNBC to describe the boys-who-never-get-off-the-bus approach to campaign reporting. It is a costly endeavor that yields considerable benefits for the news organizations willing to pay the freight, but also contains its share of frustrating wheel-spinning. And the constant presence of notebooks and cameras means that many candidates are constantly on guard, their every move recorded, every offhand comment a potential gaffe.

Marc, I figured you were older than me. Whatdaya know.