My wife will be fully sympathetic to this. When we got married, we went to Banff in Alberta for our honeymoon. Delta flew these awful jets from Salt Lake City over the Rockies to Calgary. The plan rocked back and forth and up and down the whole time. To make matters worse, the bathroom is so damn small, you can’t even stand up if you are over 5’8″.

All in all, however, I’d rather one of these than one of those cropduster propeller planes. When I was, oh, I guess, 19, I sat in the Dallas airport for four hours drinking beer at the airport bar (they didn’t card). Then got on a plane to head to Baton Rouge through a bad thunderstrom on one of those crop dusters. To make matters worse, I sat in row 13 by myself, which happened to be the back wall of the airplane, where you feel the most movement.

I have never sat in an airport drinking beer again.