Wesley Clark believes Brit Hume is part of the right wing conspiracy for asking Clark when he [Clark] knew he was a Democrat. Read it here:

Presidential candidate Wesley Clark on Friday complained that one of the moderators in Thursday night’s debate was carrying out a Republican agenda by questioning his Democratic credentials.

Brit Hume of Fox News Channel, who worked as both moderator and questioner during the two-hour debate with the seven candidates, pressed Clark about when he had first realized he was a Democrat.

Clark told reporters Friday, “I looked at who was asking the questions, and I think that was part of the Republican agenda in the debate.”

There is this little tidbit from the article too:

[S]ome eyebrow-raising remarks have taken a toll on Clark’s candidacy, and advisers have conceded that he lost all the ground and momentum that he had gained while the rest of the field was in Iowa. They hope he can cling to a respectable showing in the New Hamsphire primary Tuesday, setting the stage for making a stand in the Feb. 3 states, including South Carolina and Arizona.

While it is generally acknowledged that Dean has stopped the bleeding, it seems Clark continues a slow bleed out. Will Dean be able to use that advantage to restart the upward momentum, or will Edwards overtake them both?

I don’t have an answer to that. My guess is that Edwards will come on strong.