The Los Angeles Times looks at Governor Schwarzenegger’s budget:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposed budget promises higher costs and hurdles for thousands of Californians, from some children with cancer who would no longer get state help paying for chemotherapy to high school graduates who would be shunted to community colleges instead of universities.

The roughly $7 billion in government service cuts — many of which are not specified in the budget documents — would stall highway repairs, ban 13-year-olds from subsidized child care, make state workers pay more for their pensions and reduce payments to doctors who take care of Medi-Cal patients.

In introducing his budget before a bank of television cameras, Schwarzenegger called the cuts “very difficult decisions that I do not take lightly.”

[Ed– You can see why people write Governator, it’s easier to spell]. Reading the article, you think the Governor is balancing the budget on the backs of children and poor people.

Well, first, those are the people who depend on government the most, so when government shrinks, they will feel it most. The problem is, and I hate to be a hard ass, these people have grown dependent on government. They get all sorts of subsidies, and they’ve contributed to breaking the bank. Now they have to give up some benefits, otherwise all the rich people will leave and then the poor will really be hurting, through jobs lost and taxes gone.

I’m glad to see the Governator is making the hard decisions and willing to be tough with cutting spending. I leave it to the good folks of the Bear Flag League to delve further into the budget.