It’s started. Blogging afterwards. Brit Hume says he had lunch with the President and the President was on the offensive.

Dean and Clark, of course, are just offensive.

UPDATE: The President just mentioned medicare and Teddy Kennedy shook his head with his teeth clenched and looked at the ceiling.

UPDATE: President defends the Patriot Act. Ashcroft looks pleased. A lot of Democrats don’t clap. Dems clap when the President says some provisions will expire. Makes Republicans clap when President says “the terrorist threat will not expire.”

UPDATE: How do we know that 2/3 of Al-Quida has been captured or killed?

UPDATE: Bush gave us reports on the remaining members of the Axis of Evil. He hasn’t forgotten them.

UPDATE: He got in plugs for the carrier landing and the trip to Baghdad.

UPDATE: Thank God for Bush. “The terrorists declared war on the United States, and war is what they got.” Also says it can’t be treated like a legal action.

UPDATE: He points out that some in “this chamber” did not support the liberation of Iraq. He’s holding their feet to the fire. Good.

UPDATE: Though it looks like it pained her and the lady Senator from Arkansas, they both stood when Bush said the liberation was a benefit to the world.

UPDATE: “People say this war should be internationalized. That is hard to explain to [he lists all the countries involved].”

Okay, this is great. You all listen. I’ll cease updates during the speech.

ONE MORE: I loved how he pointed out that President Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act.

How come he didn’t mention going to the moon?

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