According to CNN:

Women hold between 3 percent and 15 percent of full professorships in science and engineering at the schools surveyed, according to the report written by Donna J. Nelson, a University of Oklahoma chemistry professor who has written several studies on women and minorities in science.

As a result, women can earn their degrees without having a woman professor or even having access to a female faculty member, according to the survey.

“Women are less likely to go into and remain in science and engineering when they lack mentors and role models,” the survey said. “When female professors are not hired, treated fairly and retained, female students perceive that they will be treated similarly.”

Notice the survey. “When female professors are not . . . treated fairly.” Who says? The female professors? Is there any self interest in that statement.

Notice how CNN takes the survey at face value. It doesn’t present an opposing view point. It treats what is seemingly a press release as a serious news article without any dispute.

When the media starts reporting news with the talking points of only one side, we can’t have a serious debate on the subject. This is one of those subjects.