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Reader Alan Prestwick wants to know if I have a social life, given my blogging level. The answer is, yes. Though not a great one, I do. Besides, the wife and I are homebodies anyway.

Reader Clark Maher (any relation to Bill, Clark?) wants to know why I haven’t been fired for so much blogging during office hours.

Well Clark, when I first started I figured I’d need to do something to (1) be able to blog and (2) avoid being fired in the process. So, I generally start the day by writing a bunch of posts. Then, when I accomplish a task on my to-do list, I have an incentive to post a prepared post (which can be updated if more info has since come in). I usually do my blogging first thing in the morning, lunchtime, and at the end of the day. End of the day posts are posted as written — hence more typos.

It really gives me an incentive to focus on those tasks that must get done, but that I really don’t want to do.

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