Ladies and Gentlemen, at this time I’d like to pause and send an extra special thank you to all of you. This is my 1000th post since starting my blog back in October.

You have all inspired me to continue. The many friends I have made and the encouragement I have received from my wife and (in the spirit of PBS) readers like you has been appreciated.

Special thanks to Glenn Reynolds, Justene Adamec, Xrlq, Kevin Murphy, and the most excellent folks at NRO — especially Ramesh Ponnuru — for their initial encouragement, advice, and sustaining grace for getting me started.

Justene, Xrlq, and Kevin Murphy answered lots of my emails when I first got started on blogger and then switched over to my site.

And now there are so many others to thank from Donna at the Florida Brian at Tomfoolery of the Highest Order, to Mark Kilmer of Political Annotation fame,to Robert Holcomb of his own excellent site, to Joe Carter at the Evangelical Outpost, and many, many others (and with apologies to those I have not named directly because there are lots of SOTU thoughts still going through my head).

Thanks to you all.

Now on with the rest of the show.

UPDATE: Just check my blogroll for all those who I thank and appreciate.