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As I mentioned earlier, I have intended to start a new feature around here. I’d like to at least be known for some quality posts as opposed to quantity posts.

Having been involved in Georgia politics for a while, I have decided I’d provide a weekly feature called the “Georgia Political Update.” It will compile the information I have collected in the past week about Georgia politics.

The file is in PDF for complicated reasons.

This week I look at:

Trial Lawyers vs. The Doctor
Max Burns Burns Out
Barr The Door, Dylan Gets Endorsed
Calder Marshalls Forces
Etch-A-Sketch In Atlanta

You can find the file here in PDF format.

Please send any feedback about it to me. If you have information you’d like included, send it to [email protected]. Thanks.

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  • Georgia Political Update
    Remember that we’ll have the Georgia Political Update tomorrow night. We’re working on the FEC Reports, more on the Clay v. Marshall race, and what’s up at the Bibb County Republican Women’s luncheon. You can read last week’s report here….

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