Though I don’t think I’m this bad — well maybe with my iMac, but not the iPod:

“The iPod is being blamed for causing rifts in relationships with a new breed of “iPod Widows” emerging. The new trend, the latest in ‘fetish technology’ has been spotted by The Sunday Times and was examined in an article entitled: ‘There’s three of us in this marriage, me, you and the iPod,'” reports Macworld UK.

“Apparently: ‘Grown men (it’s usually men) swoon as they caress its elegant touch wheel and the glinting backlit buttons.’ And the thousands of women who bought their husbands and boyfriends an iPod for Christmas are beginning to regret it as their partners become ‘increasingly fanatical Poddies, spending whole evenings and weekends with this small object of desire, their partners have been rendered iPod widows,'” reports Macworld UK.