The New York Times does its best to remind everyone of the looting at the Baghdad Museum [Ed.– was there really much “looting?”]Until last year, few Americans felt drawn to museum shows featuring Mesopotamian antiquities. But the looting of the Iraq Museum in Baghdad in April focused new attention on this ancient civilization, and its glories are now the subject of two lavish shows.

The Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, which has one of the world’s richest collections of these antiquities, has opened a new hall to display them. At the same time, museums are clamoring to mount a traveling show about Mesopotamia that has been assembled by the University of Pennsylvania.

Well, it’s nice that the looting wasn’t so bad as to deny the rest of the world a view of the treasures. Of course, you have to come to that conclusion yourself. All you read in the story is about the “looting.”