Dick Morris is writing today about Howard Dean. For political junkies it’s good stuff. One thing he says stood out. When Dick Morris agrees with me, I feel pretty good. We apparently share the same view on the D.C. primary:

Little noticed is the Washington, D.C., primary, which comes one week before Iowa’s caucuses. As the real first-in-the-nation primary, the D.C. voting will serve to anoint either the Rev or former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun as the black candidate. Sharpton will probably win and the resulting concentration of minority voters may lift him to a win in South Carolina. But whether Dean or Sharpton wins there, Edwards will be out.

He also thinks that Lieberman will stay in. I agree, though we both are sure Lieberman won’t win.

Lieberman seems to be on a mission. He wants to save the party from going over the cliff. Oh, it’s going over, but he is going to stay in for as long as possible in a doomed effort to stop the march leftward. The lemmings will go off the cliff and Lieberman will need to be around to pick up the pieces.